Jan 7, 2013

I've gotten a few opportunities to get out on the trails lately. Mostly the North Shore Trail.  Its amazing who you run into out there. Last weekend I went out for a ride and ran into Jay who was on foot pulling a sled, we stopped and talked for a bit. A hour or so later I ran into a biker going the opposite direction an it was Todd M. so we stopped and talked for awhile. Than this weekend I drove to the Normana Rd trailhead and biked north from there. When I was at the trailhead I noticed Steve K's truck. A few miles down the trail I run into Jay again, He tells me Steve and others are a few miles back, he had gotten a head start back to the cars because he was on foot. So a couple of minutes later I see Steve K with Chris W, John K and 1 other. They had gone in last night and camped at the Sucker River shelter and were now on their way out. Getting to stop and talk to other bikers and runners is a great break from the long rides. I also noticed I see a lot more walkers, runners and bikers out on the snomo trails than snowmobiles.

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and lots of wolf tracks on that section!