Aug 16, 2012

Jay Cooke

Finally got a chance to ride up into Jay Cooke St Park. Jay Cooke was severely damaged buy the floods in June and remains closed. Left work about 4:15 and rode out the Munger Trail. Quite a few wash outs and mud slides on the trail, but nothing I couldn't get around. Got up to Forbay lake (this is a reservoir for the hydro power plant) and the lake was totally empty! I could see across the lake and see where the earthen dam had given way and emptied the lake. Coulden't get much farther than Forbay canal because the trail was totally washed out. Wanted to get to the bridge over the St Louis but couldn't get that far. Turned around and headed home racing the rain, stopped in west Duluth for a Dairy Queen.   48.5 miles

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