Aug 6, 2012


Just got back home from the Colorado Trail Race.
 It's been a long and busy 10 days. Left Duluth on Friday the 27th about Noon. And went to Kari's. Stayed there overnight and than continued to Denver. Spent Sat tooling around Denver and checking out the first few miles of the trail, spent the night in a hotel. Than on Sunday Went over to Andy and Sandy's house, a great family who offered to house and feed any riders who wanted to stay the night. There were 3 Minnesotan's there Myself, Ben (a tour divide finisher) and Jeff, George from Virginia, Tim from S. Africa, and Paul and Perry from S. Dakota.
Started the race bright and early at 6 AM on Monday the 30th. Gave it a good 4 days of tough riding, than decided to hit the roads back to Denver to get back to the car. Took a detour to Keystone for a day to visit Mark and Lori and family for a day, Than 2 days driving back home.
More to follow.

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